Asthma / Bronchospasm Plan

Exercise-Induced Asthmatics have underlying airway inflammation

  • Keep good control with prescription inhaled corticosteroids or leukotriene modifiers
  • Increase good anti-inflammatory foods
    • Fish and fish oils
    • Berries and cherries
    • Ginger, curry and spices
    • Reduce wheat products and processed foods

Pre-Activity Warm-Up Routine

  • 15 minutes before start of activity
    • Take 2 puffs of short-acting albuterol inhaler, 30 seconds apart
    • Run 6-8 reps of 80 yard sprints at 75% speed
      • This will “fool” the body into starting an asthma attack
      • Once this brief sprint activity is over, any asthma symptoms “retreat” and cannot recur for 2-3 hours

During Activity

  • Have free and ready access to short-acting albuterol inhaler in case symptoms occur
    • Inhaler should be carried by athlete or on the playing surface, not stored in locker or office
    • Make sure athletic trainer, coach, teammates, and others know location of inhaler
  • Use of inhaler more than once a month due to symptoms with activity suggests inadequate symptom control and requires visit with medical professional to discuss asthma plan

Proper Metered Dose Inhaler Technique